Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old lady waking me up...

People in China doze off everywhere. I thought it was odd at first but I soon found myself closing my eyes and getting some serious relaxation done on subways, buses, etc.
Not on the bicycle.

So one late night after work on the 110 bus I had one of those awkward seats that faces backward, facing another person. I was facing an elderly Chinese woman. I had a LONG ride ahead so I leaned on the window and closed my eyes. I was slightly dozing but not completely; still aware of anything that would be out of the ordinary, still aware of each time the bus stopped. After a lot of bus stops went by I guess she was wondering if I was completely asleep and had possibly missed my stop, or soon would. I don't know if she was messing with me to see if I'd understand Chinese or if she was simply treating me like she'd treat a Chinese person, but she suddenly "accidentally" bumped my foot with hers and said in a normal voice, "you asleep?". I opened my eyes and smiled, but she didn't see the smile - she turned away almost as if she didn't do anything so I didn't bother saying "thank you". It was almost like, "I'll do a small duty and the exact moment my job is done I will completely disengage from it as if I never even did a thing."

What's that all about?
Was she messing with me to see if I'd understand her, or was she being concerned I'd miss my stop?
Either way, she left an impression.

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